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Shape our Tempus Data Collection Terminals according to your desires, both before and after purchase.

With plenty of screen space and easy-access USB ports, there’s nothing to stop you.

A Tempus data collection terminal, viewed from the front. The screen shows a view of Focus Inc's PowerTime Software
A Tempus data collection terminal, viewed from the front. The screen shows a view of Focus Inc's PowerTime Software

Enter the Future of Time and Attendance Hardware

When you’re thinking of digitizing your timekeeping process, the last thing you want is a slow, dated, unreliable behemoth. You deserve better than that. You and your employees deserve a painless experience, maximum uptime, and confidence in the device that you’re working with. You deserve an easy transition, and a minimum of training requirements.

Cue the Tempus: A data collection kiosk that endeavors to be better than just the bare minimum.
How? Well, let’s take a look:

Maximum Screen Space

As with almost all modern digital hardware, you’re going to spend most of your time with the device focusing on the screen, so we made it a good one. The spacious 10″ full-color LED touch screen dominates its front face – the same size as a premium tablet computer. Its projected capacitance sensors are multi-touch ready, allowing for absolute control over any app you can throw at it, and the backlighting clocks in at a whopping 1000 NIT brightness, so you’re sure to enjoy its impressive readability and precision, even in challenging lighting environments.

Use it Almost Anywhere

Where would you like to deploy a piece of computer hardware that users will interact with frequently? Wherever you’re thinking, chances are you can put it there. Built-in feet allow it to stand on its own on a desk or any other flat surface, held upright at a convenient angle for usage and viewing. When you need to move it, the feet easily fold in flat against its back, and it’s ready to be mounted flush up on the wall.

Extra Functionality with Extra USB Ports

The Tempus can be customized to include several different types of internal components for your convenience, such as fingerprint readers, proximity scanners, and so on. But sometimes you might need more… So for maximum versatility, we also included two externally-accessible USB 2.0 ports to support whatever peripheral hardware you might need to use.

Optimal Computing Performance

The last thing you want while working is slow load times, sluggish menus, and crashing apps. You shouldn’t have to worry about the limitations of your device, so we packed it full of capable components: Between its Intel quad-core processor, clocking in at speeds of up to 1.92GHz per core, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space, all running on a modern Linux or Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System, the Tempus is ready for almost any software you can throw at it.



Intel Atom x5 Z8350 64-bit Quad Core Processor, up to 1.92GHz
Intel HD 400 Graphics
12 Execution Units, up to 500MHz
Supports DirectX 11.2/12
Operating System
Linux (ubilinux, Ubuntu, or Yocto)
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT

Touch Display

Panel Type
10.1″ full-color a-Si TFT LCD Display with IPS Technology
Screen Resolution
1024 x 600 pixels
Touch Capabilities
Projected Capacitive Multi-touch
262K colors (18-bit, 6 bits per color)
Up to 1000 nit (cd/m²)
Contrast Ratio
Viewing Angle
140° Horizontal
120° Vertical
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C

Hardware Features

1x Gb Ethernet RJ-45
USB Ports
2x user accessible USB 2.0 Ports
Dimensions (Free Standing)
11¾” wide
7″ tall
7¼” deep
Dimensions (Wall Mounted)
11¾” wide
8″ tall
2½” deep
Enclosure Material
Moulded Plastic Case
Mounting Bracket Material
1/8″ Powder Coated Aluminum

Optional Add-ons

Ethernet/Internet Features
◦ Wi-Fi Internet Antenna
◦ Power-Over-Ethernet
Data Collection Peripherals
◦ Proximity Card Reader (Internal)
◦ Biometric Fingerprint Reader (Internal)
◦ Barcode Gun (External)
◦ Mag-Stripe Reader (External)


Three of Focus Inc's colorful wire crimping tools sitting side-by-side

The Tempus package just wouldn’t be complete without a quality warranty.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good devices. That’s okay, we’re here to help with that. When you purchase any number of our devices, they’ll automatically include a comprehensive support policy. Have a question about your Tempus terminal? Give us a call or an e-mail, and we’ll get you some answers. Have a problem? Let us know, and we’ll do what it takes to get you up and running again. We’re here to help you get familiar with our hardware, answer any questions you might have, and facilitate repairs. If our devices experience a hardware-based failure, you can send it back to us within the 1-year warranty period, and we’ll repair it for you – free of charge, of course.
That’s how much we care about you.

Still, try not to spill any soda on it.


All of our hardware devices are made specifically to your order, and are designed and assembled in the USA!

We allow for the addition or removal of features and accessories according to the needs of your organization, so that you can rest assured that you’ll have the exact functionality that works for you. Bulk discounts may be available based on the quantity of devices ordered. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about our hardware options, prices, or our current production lead time, just head over to our Request a Quote page and complete the form.

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