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Tempus Lite



 ◦ Built to your needs ◦
 ◦ Modular design ◦
 ◦ Powerful customization ◦
 ◦ Small Form Factor ◦
 ◦ Assembled in the USA ◦

A Tempus Lite data collection terminal, viewed from the front. The screen shows a view of Focus Inc's PowerTime Software


◦ Punch-in/Time Tracker ◦ 
◦ Attendance/Job Tracker ◦ 
◦ Information Kiosk ◦ 
◦ POS System ◦ 
◦ And More! ◦ 

Our Tempus Lite Data Collection Terminal is the king of function in small businesses, small spaces, and small budgets.

When we set out to design a cost-efficient interactive terminal, we knew it had to be a worthwhile contender, even when money is tight. It needed the potential to fill many different kinds of functions, sometimes even at once. It needs to be simple to install, whether it’s one terminal, or one hundred. It needs a robust support policy, so that businesses can spend less time worrying about their tech, and more time on the work that matters. We knew that each of its components would have be hand-selected for reliability, and manually assembled with a delicate touch and an eye for detail.

When we set out to design a cost-effective interactive terminal, we thought about you.

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Many manufacturers only use the cheapest components possible. Would you be comfortable with purchasing dollar-store hardware that might fail long before you’ve gotten value from it? We wouldn’t.
A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal lifting a weight
We know that you don’t want to have to send devices back for repairs… It’s a hassle, it has an implicit expense, even when the repair is free, and downtime is frustrating. And on our end, making repairs to failed devices would be a real drag to say the least.

So when we were selecting components that would form the core of the Tempus Lite, every single option was carefully vetted by our engineers and developers.

We want our devices to do the job the first time,
every time.


A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal holding up an American flag
Sure, manual assembly of electronics takes longer than an automated factory, but it also means that at least one trained human has put time into inspecting every one of our devices as it’s being built. You can’t say the same for an automated production line where dozens of mass-produced devices fly by every minute of every day.


Once you’ve bought your Tempus Lite, our partnership isn’t ended.

We’re dedicated to making sure you can install and use your hardware with confidence, that you understand its functions and features, and that you have all the information you need to train your employees in its use.
A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal reading a book with Focus Inc's logo on it

If your needs change, you can send your hardware back to us for modification, or add new peripherals yourself if they’re compatible.

In addition, all our devices come with a one year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you have a problem with the hardware during the warranty period, give us a call! We’ll help you get it sent back to us for repairs.


A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal depositing a coin into a piggy bank
One of the hardest hurdles to overcome when transitioning to a new system is the cost, and as a small business ourselves, we truly understand that justifying the budget for such a project can be tough.

Accessibility for all types of businesses was our goal for the Tempus Lite. It’ll be worth it, especially when used as a replacement for paper-based attendance systems.


A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal. A speech bubble above it shows an open swiss army knifePower Drills. SUVs. Smartphones. Toaster Ovens. Tempus Lite.
Great things fulfill more than one purpose.

With a flexible device like ours, there’s plenty to get excited about.
Consider the Tempus Lite for:
◦ Interactive Information Kiosk
◦ Point-of-Sale System
◦ Punch-in / Attendance Tracker
◦ Sign-in / Job Tracking
◦ Trouble Ticket Station
◦ Purchasing Kiosk


Nobody likes loading times, maze-like menus, and frozen apps.
We hate being confused when it should be so simple, we hate waiting when it should be fast, and we’d really hate it if our devices made you so frustrated that you fantasized about smashing your coffee mug straight through its screen. So we made it fast and easy to use.
A simple white icon of a Tempus Lite terminal using its power cable as legs to sprint with
Its full-color 7″ touch screen is quick and intuitive. If you bundle the Tempus Lite with our PowerTime – our browser-based time and attendance software – it requires very little computational overhead. We also made sure the Tempus Lite has ample memory and processing power to handle many other kinds of tasks.



◦ Intel® Atom™ x5 Z8350 64-bit Quad Core Processor – up to 1.92GHz, plus cooling fan
◦ 32GB eMMC Storage
◦ 7” full-color a-Si TFT LCD Display with IPS technology, 1024×600 resolution
◦ Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Touchscreen
◦ Intel® HD 400 Graphics
◦ Gb Ethernet Ready
◦ Molded Plastic Case


◦ Wi-Fi Internet Antenna
◦ Internal Proximity Reader (Without Number Keypad)
◦ Biometric Fingerprint Reader
◦ Power-Over-Ethernet
◦ Compatible with Linux (ubilinux, Ubuntu, or Yocto) or Microsoft Windows 10


All of our hardware devices are made specifically to your order, and are designed and assembled in the USA!

We allow for the addition or removal of features and accessories according to the needs of your organization, so that you can rest assured that you’ll have the exact functionality that works for you. Bulk discounts may be available based on the quantity of devices ordered. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about our hardware options, prices, or our current production lead time, just head over to our Request a Quote page and complete the form.

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